Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trolls: Chapter 8

Darra dwelled in the past, oblivious of his surroundings. Pietre started imagining the escape as Darra continued narrating it. “We had to utilize the time at hand, while the trolls were guarding us. We could not get any information about the Irvathias and hoped that once we escaped we could find and get the help of Irvathias.” Darra thus narrated the events of the night.

Let us dive into Darra’s memories to visualize the escape.

Fruma came up with a plan and discussed it with his inmates in the prison, “Since we have the trolls guarding us, I would like to send Frauk and Magine to keep them occupied, while we can escape”. Frauk and Magine, the two dwarves exchanged uncomfortable looks. Frauk inquired, “And how do you thing we are going to do that?” Magine added “You are not planning on dressing us up as scapegoats, are you?” Fruma smiled and said, “ would want you to engage the trolls in a brilliant conversation; try to make a deal with them. I don’t know how you are going to do it, but work it out amongst yourselves.” He finished his sentence glancing towards the dwarves.

“Engage the trolls in a brilliant conversation? He must be mad. Well, the trolls are going to be weighing all the while whom they are going to eat first!” Whispered Magine to Frauk. He turned and looked at the trolls, tall as giants; with green fluid, greasy substance oozing from their mouths and one eyed they didn’t look like they could ever be engaged in “brilliant conversation”.

“While Frauk and Magine are engaging the trolls, and making a smart deal with them we should plan our escape from the cellar. I have the plan of the dungeons from the dwarves.” He showed the floor wherein he had drawn the dungeon plan with the help of a stone. “As per the plan, the dungeons have four exits; the one in the north east is the closest to our cellar. It is possible for us to escape using only this exit as the other exits are very far off. We need to make sure that we are not faced by any of the guards while we are escaping. We should plan our escape tonight.” All the creatures exchanged glances of fear.

“As soon as we get out of the cellar we have to move in an order. I will lead the group, followed by the animals, the dwarves and then Darra. In that case I can divert any other guards who are on the way. We need to do it tonight, since the goblins have a meeting with Schinda, we will be left to deal with dragons, giants and trolls who cannot perform any magic unlike the goblins.”


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